Hip over 50

For many years I’ve heard that 40 is the new 20.

Well I’m one to believe that 50 is the new 20.

The judges of “America’s Got Talent” are over 50 stylish and hip.

Sharon Osborne is a stunning elegant English lady.

She wears clothing that fits her frame and her position in life.

Her Husband is a rock God and she is his feisty Goddess.

Her red/fuschia hair color is the key to her hip sense of style.

When did Howie Mandell become so sexy?

Not sure but I am glad he cut off the curls.

Keep the hat Howie it separates you from the other boys.

Howard Stern has always been hot, and his big mouth keeps the controversy coming.

Its about time the middle aged celebrities strut their stuff.

I met Nick Cannon many years ago at a celebrity studded party.

He was cute and I remembered the young girls being all over him.

Now he is a Father of twins and married to Mariah Who?

Check out the bad talent and the hip and over 50 judges each week.

Stay Stylish - WH

Poetry in motion

I have found a line of shoes that help define me as a women.

Since I am in the mood to be deep, poetic, and self centered.

I think that us shoe lovin gals in the USA deserve a break this coming fall.

Every woman should be given 20 pairs of shoes by the Government.

This would stimulate the economy and satisfy every gal I’ve ever met.

If this fantasy ever comes true then I’ve found a label to satisfy the masses.

Poetic Licence is a brand of shoes I just discovered while watching QVC.

They are very detailed and high quality shoes.

You can find the line of shoes on many sites, including the companies site.

I am all about details, femininity, and being a lady.

The majority of the heels are tolerable for most of us without tipping over.

My shoes must be comfortable and affordable.

I need a line of shoes that I can go to for work and play. 

The company launched its first line to the public in 2005.

All of the shoes are designed by women for women.

In my post “Olympic gold” I was a brat about wearing garments made in the USA.

Guess I am willing to be a hypocrite for a hot pair of shoes?

They are made in the UK and sold to boutiques world wide. 

I really love the sparkle glitter inside of the shoe, just for added interest.

Any way check them out.

Stay stylish -WH

Cinderella…fairy tale or syndrome?

One of my favorite movies is “Mahogany” starring Diana Ross and Billie Dee Williams.

In the movie Diana Ross’s character becomes a model/fashion designer.

She travels to Rome and other exotic locations posing for magazine covers.

Tracy is transformed from a struggling fashion designer into “Mahogany”.

A bigger than life talent and a sought after beauty.

Every man desires her and every woman wants to become her.

It turns out that ”Mahogany” only wants to be Tracy.

The life of a glamorous model wasn’t what she thought it would be.

She moves back to her run down neighborhood and Billie Dee Williams.

This is a tale of a woman that made her own destiny.

A rags to riches and a riches to rags tale.

Once upon a time far,far way. Far away from reality that is.

A movie character by the name of “Cinderella” sits by the fireside and wishes for a different life.

Cinderella is meek and soft spoken. 

She is pretty and plain in appearance, and unassuming in nature. She lives with her step Mother and step Sisters. The step Mother is manipulative and bitter. She berates Cinderella at will and encourages the step Sisters to do the same.

Cinderella grits her teeth and continues to serve their every wish.

She doesn’t have any friends except for the house hold rodents. Cinderella lives in a dark gloomy room located in the attic. Are we even sure this is a fairy tale?

She is a hot mess until she encounters her fairy Godmother. This chick can bring the goods. Until the fairy Godmother came along Cinderella had no idea how to meet the Prince or how to attend the ball. She didn’t have a clue about style either. Now that is a crying shame!

Instead she helped her step Sisters perm and primp their way to the palace.

From this point on we know the rest of the story…..

When we introduce this tale to our Daughters we should point out Cinderella’s weaknesses and strengths.

This is a beautiful tale of humility and the hope of a silver lining.

I am tired of seeing grown women on reality showing screaming “I am a Princess”.

What she is really saying is “spoil me rotten and do what I say”.

"This jive marriage is a sloppy runner up to me being a Princess".

Is this one of the many reasons so many marriages fail?

If you are expecting to be Cinderella, then being an average Wife is a cruel joke.

Telling your little girl that she she is special, capable, and loved is magic.

These affirmations create confidence in a little girl. In turn she will more likely protect her future by making good decisions for that future.

The only American that I can recall that became a Princess is Grace Kelly.

She had an established career in film when she met her Prince.

Its a ridiculous notion to think that any other American woman will achieve this feat of magic.

I think its past time for a tale about a Queen whom runs her kingdom.

Her destiny is made up of heritage, sound decisions, and a discerning wit.

With a killer sense of style and a wardrobe to back it up.

Her country shouts her name as her Prince Consort walks behind her.

Queen Elizabeth II

Stay confident - WH 

Olympic Gold

I am proud to be an American citizen.

The United states of America is a a great nation!

The Olympic games offer an opportunity to show just how great we are.

Fashion designer Ralph Lauren certainly seized his Olympic moment.

By designing the USA uniforms for the 2012 Olympic team.

The athletes looked very pulled together and stylish. My first impression of the uniforms was “old money spent well”.

Navy alone says “I can afford to be flamboyant, I prefer not to be”.

The crisp optic white trousers and skirts were pedigreed and tailored.

With just a wink of red appearing strategically throughout the designs.

Red is a seductive sassy back talker and needs little introduction.

The women’s bathing suits were cut beautifully. The stars on the suits seemed like fire works bursting across the sky.

My favorite design was worn by the tennis team.

Our women’s gymnastics team gleamed in their red leotards with glitter.

The fab five looked like fire opals as they twirled and flipped on the balance beams.

As beautiful as the uniforms are, they were not made in the USA.

Our country has many talented tailors and seamstresses. There is no real excuse for outsourcing the job overseas.

Its embarrassing that we as a nation can’t stand on our own two feet.

Profits are higher when the work is sent over seas, I get it.

At what point do Americans stop selling out and keep the jobs in this country?

I took a look at my wardrobe and most of my clothing was made in China or India.

When will I stop selling out and decide that I can be more patriotic? 

Our world class Olympians did not sell their hopes and dreams of gold.

They deserve all of the accolades, fame, and fortune bestowed them.

I am forever in their debt.

Way to go!

Stay Patriotic - WH

Black Magic

As someone who loves beautiful clothing. The annual fall fashion show is awaited with much anticipation!

This years event left me wanting more exotic hem lines, drama, newer fabrics.

I was looking forward to seeing more innovation and imagination from the designers.

Most of what came down the run way wasn’t new, and it did not over whelm me!

The one design that delivered were the “little black dresses”.

The designers seem to have fallen in love all over again with the LBD.

I must admit that the LBD needed a revitalization.

The black dresses for fall 2012 were designed with discipline and emotion.

As always there was much talk about the wafer thin frames of the models.

A high fashion model has to remain thin for her chosen career.

In the same way that a construction worker has to tolerate the searing sun.

Just as a waitress stays on her feet during her entire shift.

For me this isn’t a part of the women’s movement.

This is a fashion statement and we must all suffer for fashion!

I recently relieved my closet of four black dresses.

They simply no longer inspired me. They also no longer described me.

I kept the ones that did: A floor length v-neck dress with a mermaid hem.

                                  My sleevless black lace dress with a sash belt.

                                  A classic cocktail dress with a chiffon bottom.

Remember my post “Witch, color is black”?Too much black can cause you to look brooding. When you step into a room the mood should lighten up, not dimm down.

Yes, these are high end dresses, and most of us can not afford the original.

Allow these beautiful dresses to influence your next purchase of a LBD.

Take a good look at the elements that make these dresses special.

Then take those same ideals with you into an arena that fits your budget.

Stay Stylish- WH


Woman of every size, shape, and age should have a lingerie wardrobe.

I didn’t understand the importance of lingerie until several years ago.

Yes, I knew that men loved to see lingerie on a woman.

For the most part this is the only time I gave night wear any respect.

I saw a night gown as something you threw on at bed time.

As a result I had tattered pajamas, and out dated night gowns.

When I became aware of my own sensuality I took notice of lingerie.

I started to experiment with textures, colors, and lengths.

Today what I wear in bed is almost as important as what I wear in public.

This brings me to a sickening subject matter:

One that I started to notice a year ago while shopping for groceries.

At first I over looked it as a one time fluke.

I mean who would actually go out in PJ’s, unless in a dire emergency?

Then I began to see this more and more in public.

Its as if they fell out of bed in a drunken stupor and said “screw it”. 

"Why should I care about what I look like in a grocery store"!

Keep in mind that they were not wearing satin PJ’s.

Nor were they wearing silk robes or smoking jackets.

These folks were not going for an avaunt guard moment.

I see people On Sunday morning and Saturday night in baggy pajamas.

Once I saw an entire family wearing flannel pajamas bottoms in a restaurant.

They all wore the same color pajamas with snowmen on the hem. YIKES!!

I can’t say that I am totally against wearing night cloths in public.

If your going to be a rebel without a cause, then do it right.

I dare those of you that have little respect for a public dress code.

Too wear a satin kimono and matching night set to the pharmacy.

It looks a lot better than a pair of silly cotton pajama bottoms.

All of the talk about guys sagging their jeans pales in comparison.

If you are allowed to wear night cloths in public, then sagging jeans is a done deal.

Stay Stylish - WH

A firm A

The Maxi dress has a beautiful long flowing silhouette.

Also called the sundown dress or a full length sun dress. The style is reminiscent of days gone by.

The look is so figure flattering, feminine, and romantic.

The ease of the dress is forgiving  if you have put on a few extra pounds. Depending upon the style it is a dress that almost every women can wear. They come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and designs. Some dresses are  strapless , while others have a rope or necklace attached to the dress. There are halter tops as well and some of the more dressy styles that zip on the side.

Since the majority of the dresses are made of polyester or a blend thereof. They can be rolled up and thrown in your luggage without wrinkling.

Which makes the maxi dress the perfect travel companion. Most of the styles can double as a swimsuit cover. Which means you can lounge around the pool side at your leisure.

The clothing  manufactures may have designed the perfect dress for all women.

So why are some of us ruining it for the rest of us? When I see a big girl wearing one of these dresses without a bra I want to scream! I have nothing against plus sized ladies. It was only a few years ago that I wore a size 2x myself. Palms up to the big beauties!

Smaller women are not far behind in my criticisms.

Going bra less in public when you are larger than a firm A or a very firm B is in poor taste!

It looks very nasty as if you just got out of bed and threw something on, and forgot your undies!

Sorry, I had to be the one to tell you this, most others will just talk about you behind your back! I see women daily with soggy breasts wearing these dresses with out a bra. It’s as if she thinks the dress is strapless, so it must mean you shouldn’t wear a bra?

Why ruin the potential to look fabulous in the best style of the summer? Going bra less is lazy when there are so many options for a  strapless bra. I have a strapless bra with the option of clear straps, and regular straps. I bought it off the clearance rack for only a few dollars .

I wish the retailers that sell these dresses and bras in their stores would consider displaying them together.  This way the customer knows there are options and might try the dress on with the bra.

When she has a comparison of how it looks with a bra, compared to without a bra she might make a better choice. Even offer her a big discount on the bra if she purchases the dress on the same day. Or give her a coupon for a smaller discount if she purchases the bra later. Some times we do not know the correct way to wear a garment, there is always a solution to a problem.

Stay fashionable!  - WH

Hosiery 101

It was my maternal Grandmother that introduced to me to hosiery. She gave me a pair of stockings when I was still in grammar school I felt so  grown up that day. I wore them with white open toe sandals . The nylons allowed my foot to slide back and forth in the shoe.

Very uncomfortable , and not a fun day on the school yard. For the next 8 years I stuck with socks and saddle shoes.

Denier refers to the weight of yarn grams used to make hosiery. It gives a scale of thickness and heaviness of fiber to the hosiery. The higher the denier the thicker the fiber. The lower the denier the sheerer the fiber. Tights are composed of thicker fibers, therefore having a high denier.

Knee highs can be worn with long skirts or slacks. By all means please make sure the tops of your knee highs are covered.  They come in plus sized and often have less in the package that regular sized. There are knee highs that are made for thong sandals which have a slit between the toes.

There are compression hose used for medical  purposes prescribed by a medical Dr. Often used after a medical procedure.  There are gusset pantyhose with a triangle panel in between the legs to offer durability and better hygiene. Control top pantyhose have a built-in under garment to help flatten your tummy.

There are silk ankle socks they come just over the ankle. Offered in many colors. They are appropriate to wear with a dress or skirt.  Some are sheer while others are less sheer. Nude look stockings are great for summer and less than 20 deniers. Which can help you stay cool and show off those tanned legs.

Stay up stockings are held up by elastic bands in the lace. They do not require a  belt to stay in place. However, going dancing in them might be another subject. Tanning nylons offer the effect of tanned legs. They too are a sheer hose, and safer that a tan. Sheer to waste means the pantyhose is sheer all over top to toe. Reinforced toe means that the toe of the hosiery is extra thick and durable.

Leggings are a type of hosiery and should be worn as such. They are not slacks and look ridiculous as such. They come in many lengths and colors. They also come in sizes, if needed go up a size to insure they are  to snug . They can be worn with baby dolls, short dresses, or a tunic style top. Keep the vibe hip and fresh when wearing them, and cover up the fanny

My favorite new trend in hosiery is the tattooed pantyhose. They are sheer except for the ink like designs. It looks as if you are tattooed over your entire leg!  The old fashion look of having a seam in the back of your leg is so much fun. They still make these stockings, and you still  have to keep the seam straight.

Textured tights come in a variety of colors and textures. Animal print, polka dots, paisley, and plaids. Have fun with them and do not be shy with your shoe selection when wearing patterned hosiery. This is a part of their appeal and a new splash in fashion.

Fishnet stockings are always controversial as to how to wear them or who should wear them?I think at a certain age ( over 30) you can of course wear them, just keep it tasteful. Fishnet and lace stockings are better paired with same colored shoes, and a dress just below the knee. Classic styling and fishnets go well together.

Taking care of your hosiery is a must if you wish to preserve them. Have a location or container just for them, to help avoid ladders and snags. I wash my hosiery in a basin of warm water and baby shampoo. Just like any laundry I separate the hose by color. I dry them on a white towel or the good old shower bar.  There are products on the market just for washing hosiery.

I teat ladders or runs with clear nail polish. I separate the damaged area first and then apply the polish to both ends of the run. It works well enough to get another wearing or two.

Some times we just have to retire a pair of nylons, and say our tearful goodbyes.    -WH

jeans r not a uniform

Why are we so obsessed with wearing jeans every were we go? Really? If I didn’t know better I could swear that jeans are a part of a universal uniform of course paired with a 5% spandex top that more often than not shows love handles, and a hearty muffin top.

I like jeans in the proper perspective.While riding a horse, working in the fields,and while digging a mine in the hills.

OK, I might be a bit off on when to wear jeans, however they have taken over our imaginations. It seems that most of us can only function if wearing a pair. At some companies they allow you to wear a pair of jeans if you donate to the company charity.  The cost is minimum, ranging from $1-$5 depending on the company. Jeans were once reserved for casual Friday.  It brings such excitement to my-coworkers that they rave over jean day in the break-room! As if it were prom night, and they were voted King and Queen.

I do not get it, Jeans do not look good on everyone. Or maybe they just chose the wrong style of jeans. They say there is a pair for everyone. You know, like  a soul mate,or the right religion. Most women ,especially big women wear them too tight. Ouch, that has got to be painful. Very thin girls with flat behinds in tight jeans look a little like a headboard with pockets. Yikes!

I can always tell when someone is wearing cheap jeans or a better term might be low quality jeans. The jeans look dirty, and the fit is terrible no mater who is wearing them. The knee prints are the worst, and the wrinkles in the back of the knees. It’s as if you stood up and your jeans remained sitting. Low quality jeans rarely have spandex, which is the memory in the fabric. This way the material snaps back when active or sitting in the garment. Often I can see the white interior of the pockets when the person sits down. If you are going to make jeans a critical part of your wardrobe, then take your time and research the right fit.

Dark jeans are my favorite they are more formal than light-colored jeans. They look nice when the size and quality line up. Low rise jeans look very sexy on gals with nice firm bodies, young or old. Men look devious in dark jeans paired with a good belt, and a pressed shirt. Even men with a little extra snuggle in the mid-section can be redeemed in a good pair of jeans. Great posture and a nice pair of shoes. I tend to like a little drama on my jeans, embroidery, sparkle, and of course spandex. Be careful to not try to look like your teenage niece when wearing bling on your jeans. How much should a nice pair of jeans cost? Um, I could tell you where to find the Holly Grail with more certainty. That is on the individual, and the size of your ego.

Skinny jeans, I had to go there because the jean manufactures went there. I like the concept of the extreme slim cut of the jean. They can look  rock star if the guy or gal is off the beaten path. This includes but not limited too a funky hair style, a bit of a reckless  attitude. Not a felon with joint tattoos kind of attitude. Although that is another subject matter,and another blog. Skinny jeans are ment for thin people with small calves. In life there are some absolutes and when in doubt leave the skinny jeans for those who aren’t in doubt.  White jeans are timeless, crisp, and chic. They always look amazing on a bright summer day. Be cautious to wear the right underwear with any white garment. The white jean is for any age and any size male or female. Invest in a pair and I dare you to keep them clean. Don’t let jeans rob you of your imagination, and creativity. Instead they can be a part of your sense of style along with your imagination.

Stay fashionable! - WH  

A chick n blue

I have noticed an interesting pattern in how women respond to compliments. When I offer a compliment to a well dressed woman. There are two ways in which she responds. A confident woman smiles, and says “thank you”. A woman that isn’t even sure that she chose the right outfit, often starts to apologize for her size, or she starts to look over her body and finally say “thank you”. She will sometimes overly compliment you as a way of taking the attention off of herself.  Yesterday while at work I noticed our  Admin. Venus, she was stunning in a all over blue patterned  dress, it fit her as if it were made just for her.I complimented her, and reminded her of how hard it is to find dresses these days. She then told me that it was a two piece outfit. She smiled the entire time we spoke. I later saw her standing up in the same two piece dress. She had on black heals and black hose that completed the look. When you receive a compliment don’t make the person offering it feel uncomfortable. Just say thank you, and work out your self esteem issues later in private.

Stay stylish - WH

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